For a better world, beyond any borders.境界線を越えた、平和な世界を目指して

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Make A Donation


お知らせ #安田菜津紀 #佐藤慧

For a Better World, Beyond Any Borders

Never-ending wars, deep-rooted discriminations, unforeseeable future of poverty…When we pay attention to the news, it seems like all these sad realities are overwhelming our world.However, is our world actually filled with just sadness and fear?If the imagination that ties “you” and “I” exist, you would notice that the world is filled with “joy of conversation” instead of “fear of the unknown”.Through delivering the silent voices, we aim for a world of harmony.

To Make All Voices Be Heard
Please support the works and activities of Dialogue for People.



Our Work


We, Dialogue for People, aim to be a storyteller of those who face difficulties with all means of media—photo, essay, movie, music…etc by visiting vulnerable regions around the world. We create opportunities for others to think and to find a role in forming a solution for the social issues the world faces.


Kei Sato Representative
People’s voices are not heard even in a society full of information. If the information told in the media could bring hope, it would be priceless. Many important opinions and voices are ignored because the market price is low. Your donation will be utilized so that these important but neglected voices are properly delivered.

Natsuki Yasuda Deputy Representative
While progressing with my work, I have felt the importance of bringing in together. We can only be the storyteller by having the local people who I interview, we who bring back their “voices”, and the people who support and receive these voices. Everyone is the person concerned here. Your support will contribute to our work.


Please Support
Your donation will be used effectively and will contribute to our interview activities, local support activities and projects, operating cost.




お知らせ #安田菜津紀 #佐藤慧