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Privacy Policy


The Non-Profit Organization Dialogue for People recognizes the importance of personal information. In order to manage and use the information in a safe manner, the organization has created a Privacy Policy as below.

1. Basic Philosophy
The organization will be explicit in the purpose of use of the personal information and will not use beyond what is needed to fulfill the purpose. With handling personal information, we will be complying to laws and guidelines from the Act of the Protection of Personal Information.

2.How We Use Personal Information
We will use personal information to inform our current activities, to request future support…etc, only when needed for projects.
① To inform about our activities to request for cooperation.
② To deliver gratitude, newsletter, annual report, or receipt.
③ To inform on events of or related to the organization.
④ To improve or create new services in order to enrich the activities and projects.
⑤ To process or confirm deposits for donations and such.
⑥ To create data analysis and statistics in anonymous form.
⑦ Other: When in need to contact for some reason.
⑧ Other: To use for activities or projects in line with the purpose of the organization.

3. Information Disclosure
For reasons below, the organization may delegate your personal information to third parties. We will request management responsibility to the trustee to prevent leakage of personal information and will supervise accordingly.
① When processing deposits, or when providing personal information to financial institutions to process the credit card information and such.
② When delegating various shipping, email, telephone transmission and reception…etc to a third party.

4. Transferring Information to Third Parties
The organization will not transfer personal information to third parties except for the following circumstances.
① With the person’s consent.
② When required by law.
③ When it is a matter of someone’s life or the protection of assets, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
④ When it is necessary for a national institution or local government or a person entrusted with it to carry out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, and the consent of the person in question may interfere with the execution of the affairs.
⑤ When there is a legitimate reason to disclose in order to protect serious interests such as the life, health and property of the individual or the public.
⑥ When delegating personal information to a third party based on ④.

5. Safety Management Measures of Personal Information
The organization will manage and protect the personal information appropriately to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, and loss of the information.

6. Response Regarding Personal Information Inquiry
① When the organization is requested inquiry, correction, or complaint related to personal information, we will respond promptly and appropriately.
② The organization has set up a customer service.
Customer Service:
Non-Profit Organization Dialogue for People Management
〒165-0026 KS Bldg. 202 Arai 2-10-3 Nakano District, Tokyo
Tel:03-5942-7699 Fax:03-5942-7699

7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The organization will comply with the laws and regulations. We will make all employees and officers fully aware of this guideline and the activities of this organization. We will also review and make improvements as necessary.

Website Management Policy

1. Use of Cookie
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2. Regarding Online Advertising and Re-Marketing
By third-party distributors including Google, there will be advertisements of the organization on websites including the search engines. The advertisements are based on the access information from the past, but we will re-market the past access information on our website.
The users are able to stop the use of Cookie from the opt-out page on Facebook or Google.
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